MAB09-DQ (UVC) commercial air cooler



Material:ABS resin Instructions: ●Fold the lower part of the feeding strip into a triangle and put it into the spoon. Pay attention to the easy-to-tear position facing up. ●When the length of the feeding bar becomes shorter, please insert it into the slot on the back of the body and squeeze it again. Model details Product name: MEDPro MAB09-DQ (UVC) commercial air cooler Size: (L) 91 x (D) 49 x (H) 138cm Air volume: 8500 m3/h Application range: 50~100 m2 Voltage: 220V/50Hz Power: 320W Noise: ≤ 65 dB Weight: 38 kg Water tank capacity: 120 L Water consumption per hour: 7~14 L Control method: LED panel control & smart remote control Equipped with 9-speed variable speed to flexibly meet your air volume needs Comes with 4 lockable rollers for easy movement *This model can be equipped with a disinfecting UV lamp* **Recommended for use in restaurants; 9-stage variable speed allows you to adjust the wind speed according to customer flow**